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Tarpon Express

Fishing is based on a lot of factors such as location fished, time of year, air temperature, water temperature, tidal movement, water clarity, current, wind direction and velocity, all which affect fishing. For over four decades I have studied the movements and migrations patterns of Tarpon, Sharks, Kingfish, Trophy Speckled Trout, Redfish, Bull Redfish and Flounder. Thousands of hours spent exploring the waters around Galveston Island and keeping very detailed records have enable me to accumulate an unsurpassed inventory of great fishing spots I call "PAITITI SPOTS." I guarantee to have you in the right place at the right time to try your luck with these great fish. The rest is up to you as the fishermen doing the fishing and the person who controls the weather, which incidentally is not your fishing guide. With that said, here are a few feedbacks from some of our fishermen, fisherwomen, fishing families and best of all, fishing kids.
- Captain Mike Williams, 2013 fishing season

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Capt. Mike, The recent tarpon trip my son and I took was nothing short of spectacular. You came highly recommend from another Captain and delivered everything he said and more. After 35 years of hunting and fishing in Texas I have to say that this was the best fishing trip I have ever experienced hands down. It was my son's first salt water experience and he is hooked for life. As soon as we started driving home, he asked to book for next year. We were constantly on fish the whole day. You knew exactly where to go, every time we pulled up and moved we were getting hits and landing fish. The fight put up by the Tarpon was phenomenal, over an hour and it was everything we could do to land him. An amazing struggle with an awesome creature. The 30 minute shark battle wasn't bad either. To say that we are grateful for your experience and patience is an understatement. I have already told all of my hunting buddies about your charter. We will be back again and again. Once again thank you for the wonderful trip. - Allen and Brady Thomas, Leander Texas

WOW, what an outstanding fishing trip! I took my son out for a day of fishing with Captain Mike Williams of Galveston Fishing Guides. Fishing a wreck in the Bolivar surf we caught more than 25 of the most beautiful redfish I personally have ever seen. Thanks Capt. Mike for a wonderful father son fishing trip. - The Moore party, Houston Texas

My brother Sam and I took our sons, Tommy and Larry, fishing with Capt. Mike Williams of Galveston Fishing Guides. The morning of fishing went well and both my brother and I would highly reccomend Capt. Mike for family trip. He helped the boys to catch some really nice redfish, Thanks again Capt.Mike, the boys are still talking about that trip. - Chuck and Don Skates, Sugar Land, Texas

We decided to take all the kids fishing over the weekend with Capt. Mike Williams. Capt. Mike is really good with kids, baiting the kids hooks, even casting for the smaller children. All we had to do was just reel in the fish, thanks Capt.mike for a fun trip. - Betty Marler. The Woodlands, Texas

The trip my father and I booked with Captain Mike Williams was on a very windy day. Capt. Mike told us if we went, fishing could be slow in all the wind. We decided to go anyway being from out of town. We went and still caught some really big fish, including this monster redfish we measured at 51 inches, then released. That big Redfish put up a fight and is the biggest fish I've ever caught. It was cold and windy but we had a good time on our Texas fishing adventure. - Ronnie Paul, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Capt. Mike Williams, thanks for a great day of fishing with my sons and grandson. - Harvey Bennet, Dallas, Texas.

Capt. Mike Williams, thanks for a great fishing trip and all the great fish we caught. My son Bill just keeps on talking about going fishing with you again. - William Porter, Sugar Land, Texas.

Great father-son fishing outing with more sharks than we could catch. Capt. Mike Williams of Galveston Shark Fishing put us right where the fish were. I never thought I would hear my son say he didn't want to catch another shark, but he did that day on the Gulf off Galveston. - Shannon and Tim Barns, Fort Worth, Texas.

I really enjoyed the fishing trip with you and my grandson and wife. You are a great guide especially with helping kids, and one heck of a story teller. Thanks for a great trip. - Tomas A. Ludwig, Houston, Texas.

My father gave me a fishing trip with Capt. Mike Williams for my birthday. It was an awesome birthday fishing trip with big sharks and big King Mackerel all day long till it got so hot and we came in. - Ronnie Baker, Weatherford, Texas.

I've heard tall stories from Texas; now my family and I have one to tell. Went fishing with Capt. Mike Williams. We were fishing around a wreck in the surf and catching redfish as fast as would could cast. I think between my son, my wife and I we caught and released 25 beautiful redfish. Then on the way in we took a short stop near some rocks and my son caught the biggest fish of his life. My son's only remark was "fishing in Texas is a blast", Thanks Capt. Mike for a memory we will never forget. - Carla, Jeff, J B Luken, Alton, Illinois.

I took my wife Luci and my ten year old daughter Rissa out for wonderful day of family fishing with Capt. Mike Williams of Galveston's Tarpon Express. Never booked a guide before but I was impressed with how Capt. Mike helped us catch a lot of nice fish. We ended the day with 18 reds, 2 big Black Drum and one giant Bull Shark. My wife caught the shark and my daughter caught this red that was so big she couldn't hold it for the biggest fish of her life picture. - Mark Nedlenka, Spring, Texas.

Fun! Had a wonderful time. I got a lot of great pictures of my grand kids with some really big sharks. - Bob Fields, Santa Fe, Texas.

I took my son fishing with Capt. Mike Williams for birthday present. Capt. Mike is great with helping kids fish and put my son on the biggest fish he has ever caught. - Arron Shawn, Houston, Texas.

Thanks Capt. Mike Williams for making my son's dream of catching a shark come true. We really want to thank you for a great trip. Those sharks are so much fun to catch. - Jack and Pat Greenwell, Midland, Texas.

Capt. Mike all I can say is you made my day when my son caught his first shark with a little help from dad. You are a wonderful guide with kids. We got all the shark fight on video and I think every kid on our block has seen it a couple of times. Thanks again for a great trip. - Shannon and Joe Bell, Conroe, Texas.


6½ Hour Trip - 6:30 AM till 1:00 PM - $650 for 2 people. $50 each additional person (maximum of 6)

Afternoon Trip - 1:00 PM till 4:30 PM - $550 for 2 people. $50 each additional person (maximum of 6)


For reservations call 713-256-9260.

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