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Galveston, Texas is every saltwater fisherman's dream, and Galveston Fishing Guides is the best way to realize that dream. We offer near offshore Galveston Island fishing trips for World Class Tarpon and Black Tip Shark, or Galveston surf and beachfront fishing for Giant "Bull" Redfish. Galveston Bay sport fishing offers year round opportunity for Speckled Trout, Redfish and Flounder. Guide boats are available for Galveston East and West Bays, Trinity Bay, Upper and Lower Galveston Bays, the Galveston jetties and San Luis Pass. Boats depart daily from the Galveston Yacht Basin, just southwest of the Ferry Landing. Full time, fully licensed captains available for � day, full day and late evening trips.



Note of Interest to all Fishermen

A person might notice that our web address is, the real one! Galveston Fishing Guides is the oldest guide service operating from the prestigious Galveston Yacht Basin and the second oldest guide service on Galveston Island. Please, if you would, scroll down and see the many fishing trips we have to offer, plus the feedback from our customers and the press at the very bottom of this page. Over the last several years there have been many changes in charter fishing as to the total number of new fishing guides. In today's world, anyone can buy a boat and advertising themselves as a fishing guide; the internet is full of these advertisements.

Quotes from the Press

"Solo interview, Mike Williams Stalking Trophy Trout with Mirrolures. Mike Williams is a veteran saltwater angler and widely known for his ability in catching big trout on Mirrolures." - Larry Teague, Editor, Gulf Tide, the official magazine of the Gulf Coast Association.

"Interview Mike Williams, an exclusive visit with one of the top trophy trout specialists in Texas." - Lead cover article, Texas Fisherman.

"Mike Williams is regarded as one, if not the leading authorities on Trophy Trout and Tarpon in the waters around Galveston." - Gary Ralston, Editor, Gulf Coast Fisherman.

"No one knows the story of Galveston Bay trophy trout better than pro guide Mike Williams." - Bob Marshall, Saltwater Magazine.

"Fishing guide Mike Williams has been chasing trophy-size speckled trout for years in the Galveston area and probably knows as much about this game now as anyone alive." - Marvin Spivey, Editor, Texas Fish and Game, Monster Trout Time.

"Fishing guide Mike Williams has become somewhat of a local legend on the upper Texas Coast." - Larry Boska, Saltwater Magazine.

"Top Tarpon guide along the Texas Coast!" - Texas Fish & Game Magazine.

"Mike Williams, long recognized as one of Texas' foremost trophy trout hunters has in recent years gained notoriety as the guru of Texas Tarpon." - Saltwater Magazine.

"Fishing guide Mike Williams probably has upper coast Tarpon fishing figured better than anyone between Sabine Pass and Port O'Connor." - Shannon Tompkins, Houston Chronicle.

"Guide Mike Williams has saltwater fishing down to a science." - Luke Clayton, The Dallas Morning News.

"Tarpon are a prized catch of Galveston, and nobody knows these giants better than Mike Williams." - Doug Pike, Houston Chronicle.

"Mike Williams is perhaps the most successful Tarpon guide on the Texas Coast." - Robert Sloan, Texas Fish & Game.

"Captain Mike Williams is the undisputed king of texas shark fishing." - Robert Sloan, Saltwater Sportsman Magazine.

MirrOlure field tester, 1980 to 1992, designed, field tested and named many of the MirrOlures still used today in the surfs and bays of the Galveston Bay Complex. The article "THE MIGHTY MIRROLURE" is a three part series on MirrOlures and is one of the most informative articles on fishing we have ever publised, Robb Reaves, Editor, Hunting And Fishing Magazine.

"Guide Mike Williams of Galveston-based Tarpon Express is acknowledged by his peers as the first professional to target tarpon (during the modern era) along the upper Texas Coast." - Joe Doggett, Tarpon Hot Spots, Houston Chronicle.

"Captain Mike Williams is one of the Gulfs most experienced tarpon fishermen. Captain Mike Williams is a tarpon genius, actual original 1992 video footage of Robert Lord Jr. catching a titanic 215 pound tarpon" - National Geographic Television, Monster Fish.

"Capt. Mike Williams, Tarpon Express Guide Service, has probably logged more time fishing the Galveston jetties than anyone I know". - Captain Joe Kent, Outdoor Editor, Galveston Daily News.

"Captain Mike Williams has been leading tarpon fishing charters out of Galveston since 1983 and has more than 40 years experience fishing Gulf waters for tarpon. For 10 years, he plotted tarpon catches on a map of the Gulf and in 1976 found what he believes is a migratory route he dubbed 'TARPON ALLEY.'" - Sarah Viren, outdoor reporter, Galveston Daily News, Coast Magazine.

"Captain Mike Williams has probably spent more days on the Galveston jetties than anyone alive." - Bink Grimes, "Enchanted Rocks," Saltwater Sportsmen Magazine.

"I don't know of anyone that has caught more bull reds than Mike Williams." - Captain Mickey Eastman, radio anchor host, Sports Radio 610 Outdoors, Houston.

Captain Mike Williams was a field tester for MirrOLure from 1980 - 1992. His job was to test and design lures that worked best in our area. His field test showed seven of them were the best at different times of the year for the Galveston Bay Complex and Surf. When he found a good color for our area, he would give the lure a name. Williams feels one of the best MirrOLures made for winter in our area is the 51M CHG. The name he gave this lure was "THE NORTH CROSS." - Joe Kent, Outdoor Editor, Galveston Daily News. DIFFERENT LURES WORK BEST IN WINTER.

Captain Mike Williams was "MR. MIRROLURE." Radio 610 Houston,Texas - Outdoor Show, Anchor/Host Capt. Mickey Eastman.

Capt. Mike Williams tells the legendary Christmas story of EL DORADO FLATS - CBS Houston, Sports Radio 610 Outdoor Show, second hour Podcast.

Capt. Mike Williams said all the fish were caught during a 30 minute window beginning about the time the sun hit the horizon. The big trout hit a 51MR808 MirrOlure right at dark. The 51MR808 is also called "'the Widow Maker". Article Big Trout Could be on the Move, Joe Kent, Outdoor Editor Galveston Daily News.

Capt. Mike Williams said it is his observation that today's incoming tide will present a pre-frontal window that will be the best time of the entire year to catch a state record trout. The time, tide and window are perfect for catching that huge fish roaming the shoreline. Article Perfect Conditions Exist Today for Catching a Trophy Trout, Joe Kent, Outdoor Editor, Galveston Daily News.

Readers often ask what is the best all round lure for the Galveston Bay complex? Captain Mike Williams will quickly tell you as far as MirrOlures are concerned, it is the 51M704 "Texas Chicken". For a number of years Williams was a field tester for MirrOlure and helped develop that lure. Joe Kent, Outdoor Editor, Galveston Daily News.

Spectacular Fall Fishing
It is a fact that best fishing of the year for Trout, Flounder and Redfish occurs in the months of October, November and December. Please scoll down to see our fall fishing trips that target trout, flounder and redfish. Also check out the "Ironman", the most diversified fishing trip we offer.

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Blacktip Express


4 Hours $650
Click here for details of the Ironman Trip

Safe unsinkable 25-27 foot twin engine boats

Boats available now for the 2019 fishing season!

Captain Mike Williams and the Tarpon Express Guide
Service featured in the May 2013 issue of Texas Monthly
magazine article "The Silver Kings".

Year-around entertainment for out of school children and families.

All fuel, bait and tackle furnished for all trips at no extra charge.
The prices listed are the total amount for the trip.

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Captain Mike Williams, according to many nationally published magazines, Texas magazines and the largest newspaper in Texas, is considered to be one of the top guides in the state when it comes to catching big Speckled Trout, Redfish and Tarpon.

With more than 40 years experience, Captain Mike Williams has logged more time fishing the Galveston surf and beachfront than any other charter boat guide, alive or dead. He has been interviewed on the subject of "Big Specks", "Big Reds", and trophy Tarpons by every major magazine in the state numerous times - not to mention the nationally published Saltwater Sportsman, Texas Sportsman, Southern Outdoors, Gulf Coast Fisherman, and the prestigious Coastal Conservation Association magazine Gulf Tide. There are also full of chapters on his guide service in the books The Fishermans Encyclopedia and Texas Hunting and Fishing.

Captain Mike Williams considers himself to be the innovative leader in the exploration of Texas Tarpon off Galveston where he single-handedly pioneered Tarpon fishing in the area. As far as trophy trout, Redfish, and Bull Reds has spent as much time pursuing the great fish as anyone and a lot more than most.

The "Tarpon Express", a 25 foot center console Boston Whaler Outrage, is equipped with a ship to shore radio, long distance mobile phone, Furuno Depth Recorder and a Global Positioning unit. The boat carries 140 gallons of fuel with a range of 280 miles, has a top speed of 45 mph and is powered by twin Yamaha outboards.


The spacious, unique boat is one of very few made in the world that is totally unsinkable! The air cavities and compartments are filled with a high tech, high density foam and the boat simply will not sink, not even a little bit. In fact, this is one of the very few used by the U.S. Navy Seal Team as an assault boat and gunboat. This boat is also used as a rescue boat by the U.S. Coast Guard. The boat is Coast Guard approved for 12 persons, can run in 2 feet of water to get those back bay flats, yet at the same time has the capacity, durability and seaworthiness to fish 100 miles offshore.

  • The "Tarpon Express" has caught more Tarpon off Galveston than any other guide boat.
  • The "Tarpon Express" has caught more Redfish off Galveston that any other guide boat.
  • The "Tarpon Express" has caught more Bull Reds than any other guide or charter boat in the State of Texas.
  • The "Tarpon Express" has caught more Sharks than any other guide or charter boat in the State of Texas.

  • Redfish

    (6 Maximum)

    All Trophy Trout lures, natural baits, and tackle furnished on all trips. All trips are run by fully licened captains with 25 or more years experiece in twin engine 25 to 27 foot boats.

    No fuel surcharge!

    All Year Redfish Trips

    4 Hour Trip - $650

    When it comes to catching some really big saltwater brutes, few fish are more beautiful and hard fighting than the giant Redfish. These fish are a gorgeous golden bronze with a deep red spot on the tail. Redfish average 8 to 40 pounds, although they can exceed 50 pounds, with lengths up to 50 inches. This is our best trip for people who don't fish a lot and just want to go out to catch some big fish. A great trip for fishing buddies, father and son or families.

    Bull Red

    Speckled Trout

    All Year
    Speckle Trout Trips
    4 Hour Trip - $650

    Wade or boat trips available with all tackle and ALL LIVE NATURAL BAITS FURNISHED for all Galveston Bays and Jetties

    Giant Trout Trips
    4 Hour Trip - $650

    Target big speckle trout in the 8 to 11 pound class in areas that have legendary reputations of producing big trout. This very special trip is limited to 2 fishermen and guided by some of the most knowledgable big trout guides on the upper Texas coast.

    Giant Trout

    World Class Tarpon

    June - October
    Giant Tarpon Trips
    8 Hour Trip - $1200

    Some of the largest Tarpon found in the continental United States roam the waters just off Galveston Island during the warmer summer and fall months

    The TARPON EXPRESS has consistently caught record Tarpon up to 215 lbs.

    May - October
    Shark Trips
    4 Hour Trip - $650

    For pure adventure with lots of action, shark can fill the bill. It's not uncommon to catch 20 to 30 sharks a day that range in size from 80 to 500 pounds; mostly Blacktips, Bull, Hammerheads and Tigers. Few fish swim in Texas waters that can rip line off a reel any harder or faster than a big shark. Custom trips for corporate parties, hard-core pros, family and children entertainment.

    Shark Shark

    The Ironman Special

    Click here for details of the Ironman Trip

    November 15 - January 1
    Flounder/Redfish Combination
    4 Hour Trip Only $650

    Fish for the true saltwater stars of late fall, the tasty, hard fighting flounder and the beautiful golden texas redfish. Captain Mike Williams (in photo) holds up an eight and nine pound Flounder. These giant fish were only two of the 57 Flounder caught where you specifically fish for Flounder with live finger mullet or artificial Flounder lures. This is a great trip for the wife and kids or anyone who likes to catch Flounder


    January 1 - April 15
    Giant Black Drum / Redfish Trips
    4 Hour Trip - $650

    Fish for giant Black Drum and Reds on bay flats and the jetties

    These very hard fighting fish run from 5 to 50 lbs. with catches of 20 to 40 fish per trip common


    Custom Trips for Corporate Parties, Hard-Core Pros, and Family Entertainment



    Click here for our kids only fishing adventures and pictures.


    Fishing is based on a lot of factors, such as tidal movement, water clarity, current, and wind direction. As a fishing guide, I have no control over any of these factors, all of which affect fishing.

    For over four decades I have studied the movements and migration patterns of all the fish listed on this Web site. Thousands of hours spent exploring the waters around Galveston and keeping very detailed records have enabled me to accumulate an unsurpassed inventory of great fishing spots. I guarantee to have you in the right spot at the right time to try your luck with these great fish. The rest is up to you as a fisherman and the person who controls the weather, which, incidentally, is not your fishing guide.

    - Captain Mike Williams

    Ledgendary quote from Capt Mike Williams - "I wouldn't be telling to many people about this place."

    Giant Trout and Redfish Trips

    Captain Mike Williams
    Full Time Guide
    Houston, TX

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